pink pygmy seahorse philippines

View Point

View Point is situated right next to our favorite dive site – Lighthouse. This means that you can see pretty…

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tropical coral reef philippines

Three Coco / Canyon

Three Coco, also known as Canyon, provides divers with beautiful panoramic seascapes of kaleidoscopic color. Bountiful hard and soft corals…

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car wreck jeep pangangan island

The Jeep

The Jeep is one of Pangangan Island’s special dive sites. Close to Pangangan Wall, the Jeep is a purposely sunk…

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rare nudibranch philippines

Talisay Tree

Talisay Tree features a gradual slope that stops at about 18 meters, and then drops off into a steep wall…

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large nudibranch philippines

Talisay Pier

This beautiful dive site is home to an abundance of colorful reef fish, in addition to plenty of nudibranches, various…

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pregnant pygmy seahorse

South Point

South Point is an excellent wall dive, where there are plenty of overhangs and caves covered in a large variety…

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peacock mantis shrimp philippines

Sandingan Wall

Sandingan Wall is just off Sandingan Island, which is directly next to Cabilao Island. Very close to Sandingan Slope, the…

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candy crab philippines

Sandingan Slope

Sandingan Slope features a gorgeous coral garden teeming with tropical fish action. There are also numerous areas of sandy spots,…

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green sea turtles philippines

Pangangan Wall

Pangangan Wall, situated on Pangangan Island, boasts awesome amounts of marine life that’s just as adventurous as its topography. There’s…

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anemone shrimp philippines

Looc Wall

Looc Wall is a dive site not to be missed, and is especially recommended for divers that enjoy adrenaline-pumping currents.…

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harlequin ghost pipefish ornate ghost pipefish philippines

Looc Pier

Looc Pier is a nice wall that is coated in beautiful hard and soft corals all varying in size. Macro…

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green sea turtle swimming over coral philippines


What can we say about Lighthouse? Not enough, as there aren’t sufficient words to describe how beautiful this dive site…

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gorgonian sea fan

Gorgonia Wall

Gorgonia Wall, as its name suggests, promises a beautiful wall dive covered in plenty of large gorgonians and various kinds…

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giant frogfish on elephant ear sea fan frog fish philippines

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree proves time and time again to be a beautiful site that’s full of life. Here you’ll enjoy gazing…

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porcelain crab on anemone philippines

Chapel Point

Chapel Point is another fine Cabilao dive site, and boasts a variety of colorful hard corals that are decorated by…

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Cambaquiz Wall

Cambaquiz Wall consists of pretty much the entirety of the wall in the Cambaquiz area. There are a few ways…

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tropical reef fish

Cambaquiz 2

Cambaquiz 2 near Cambaquiz 1 is another fantastic Cabilao dive site. Like its neighboring dive sites, it features a wall at around…

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green sea turtle cambaquiz cabilao philippines

Cambaquiz 1

Cambaquiz 1 is another one of our frequently adored Cabilao dive sites. This wall at the northeastern point of Cabilao…

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