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Diving on one of the most beautiful reefs in the Philippines

Cabilao Diving

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We are celebrating the opening of our brand new dive center with an underwater photo competition in which you can win epic prizes!

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cabilao diving


Cabilao Island is recognized as one of the world’s premier diving and snorkeling destinations.

Cabilao Diving is Diving at its Best

We probably won’t need to tell you that exploring the underwater world can be an extraordinary adventure. Coral reefs are home to more kinds of life than any other marine environment, rivaling even the tropical rain-forests on land.

The coral reefs around Cabilao Island are well preserved and show our divers a rainbow of kaleidoscopic color and seemingly infinite, diverse numbers marine species every time they put their head underwater. From abundant macro critters, to a wealth of large ocean creatures on impeccable seascapes, there’s something for everyone.

With Cabilao Diving, experience intense marine biodiversity in crystalline turquoise tropical waters.


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Why Dive With Us at Cabilao Diving?

Even severe diving addicts need more than just diving. Staying on an isolated island will limit your choices significantly, and increases the travel time and effort required to undertake a tour or enjoy sight-seeing adventures.

Thankfully, when staying with us here on Bohol’s Pangangan Island, you’ll experience the tranquility of true island life, while still being close enough to easily access the outside world, both on land and underwater. All our exquisite dive sites are nearby, with only a 5-10 minute boat ride to our Pangangan dive sites, and around 15-20 minutes to our Cabilao dive sites. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the freedom to explore much more than Cabilao’s underwater world.

You’ll experience real Filipino culture in the heart of Bohol, where tourism hasn’t yet affected the daily life of the local people, and children still play in the streets. Discover our off-the-beaten-track setting on the uncrowded, untouched island of Pangangan, where scuba diving on Bohol’s pristine, protected reefs that boast a wealth of magnificent marine life is only the beginning.

Cabilao Diving with Isla Hayahay

Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is a cozy boutique resort on Pangangan Island, and is only around 15-20 minutes by boat from the world-renowned island of Cabilao. Pangangan Island is connected to mainland Bohol via causeway, allowing easy access to venture on tours. Our convenient, ideal location means that we are away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Bohol, but not so far away that we are isolated from everything that the Visayas has to offer. It’s very easy to visit nearby attractions and enjoy many of the must-see sights of Bohol, including Chocolate Hills, the tarsier sanctuaries, caves, jungle hikes, a number of natural waterfalls and many more.
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